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Hi! I'm Nikki...
and I have a slight flower obsession!

That is really an understatement, it's a huge obsession...


Playing with flowers and getting to know amazing couples is truly a dream come true for me.  I love getting to tell your love story through flowers that uniquely represent, you as a couple.  The unexpected details that only your friends would get or the sentimental accent that will make your mom's heart melt, are what I LIVE for!


As a naturally shy person, creativity has always been my outlet!  From cooking elaborate dinners, baking delectable desserts, or sewing something I can't find in a store, I am that friend that makes everything into a celebration out of pure excitement of people enjoying themselves and each other.

My favorite moment of an event is when the couple or guests enter the space of the first time and are breathless.  Like you literally hear the gasp of air intake!  It makes the months of planning, countless phone calls, and endless emails to pull it together all worth it!

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ciao for now,

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